Yoga does not demand flexibility and strength, it grants it.

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 Fine Yoga Special Course

Fine Yoga teacher Duangta's (Thailand) experience in the newly opened Fine Yoga Retreat in Hubei province.


Fine Yoga Retreat Center

In the Beijing downtown Blue Castle International Centre- and CBD Van Palace studios, Fine Yoga offers some of the finest Yoga in China. Yoga classes at Fine Yoga are taught in accordance with the teachings of the masters of the respective styles. We do not intend to reinvent Yoga but strive to offer genuine and traditional Yoga as taught internationally.

Founder Sherri Rao has studied at Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’s Ashtanga Yoga shala in Mysore, India numerous times to perfect her practice foundation. She is the only citizen of mainland China who
has studied directly with Pattabhi Jois. Also she is the first Anusara Yoga online registered inspired teacher of mainland China. Sherri and her enthusiastic team of teachers all have studied with world renowned teachers of different Yoga styles. Although our solid foundation remains Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, today Fine Yoga offers an array of Yoga styles.

Fine Yoga offers qualified instruction, precise adjustments, great encouragement - and in any class you will of course enjoy the benefits of collective energy.

Contact us in English on: and tel. (+86) 151 0102 2929 alternatively tel. (+86) 139 1176 7529. Please click our schedules for daily classes on offer.                
¥60RMB                                                ¥120RMB

¥120RMB                                                ¥120RMB


Sherri Rao has translated John Scott’s book and DVD on Ashtanga Yoga. John’s book and
DVD on Ashtanga is one of the most important books for Ashtanga practitioners in the west
and now the most important one in mainland China. His teaching is deep and refined with profound understanding, original view, and impressive practice, which is fluid, skillful,
and very powerful. Fine Yoga was also the first mainland China Yoga school to host an It's
Yoga Kids workshop in China. If you gather a group of children we are able to offer them
some fun and inspiring Yoga classes.

People from all over the world do yoga with us - beginners as well as advanced practitioners.
Welcome to join some of our many weekly classes and some of our interesting workshops.


Most people know that the practice of yoga makes the body strong and flexible. It is also
well known that Yoga improves the functioning of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive
and hormonal systems. Yoga also brings emotional stability and clarity of mind, but that
is only the beginning of the journey to samadhi, inner peace or self-realization, which
is the ultimate aim of Yoga.

 Fine Yoga

Fine Yoga was founded in 2002 under the name BeijingYOGA in the Shunyi district of Bejing. In 2005, when the present main studio opened in down town Chaoyang district of Beijing the name was changed to Fine Yoga.
Fine Yoga is the earliest training base of traditional Ashtanga Yoga in China and founder Sherri Rao was the first mainland Chinese to train directly with the late master of Ashtanga Yoga (Guruji) - Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath Rangaswamy.
Today, with its solid foundation in Ashtanga, Fine Yoga teaches a range of traditional and popular international recognized Yoga styles and has two Yoga studios in Beijing: respectively at centrally located Blue Castle International Centre and Van Palace, both in CBD, Chaoyang. Fine Yoga is a Registered Yoga School with 
 and continue to run our high quality chinese language YTT.

In May 2010 Fine Yoga became the first mainland China Yoga school to register with Green Yoga Association ( We support the green course world wide and Fine Yoga has committed to educate yoga students about taking care of our environment and to support the green course here in mainland China. In order to GREEN our down town school we have already taken these steps:Mainland China cypress wooden floors, Dulux environment friendly non toxic/non smelling paint, energy saving light bulbs, Manduka EKO friendly Yoga mats, recycled paper for flyers, collection of used plastic bottles for recycling, free water refill of own bottle, garbage and plastic separation, all rooms double glass windows. We will continue to develop our GREEN concept at Fine Yoga.

 "Be the change You want to see in the World" - Mahatma Gandhi

 Concepts of Fine Yoga

"Yoga does not demand flexibility and strength, it grants it". And we are here to help you on your path. In any of our small numbered classes you will experience a high level of teacher attention and precise adjustments as well as friendly encouragement and of course collective energy.
Yoga is not primarily for relaxing. Yoga is the union between body and mind. Yoga may bring you enhanced ability to concentrate, a calm mind and physical and mental health.
It may take a little time to build stamina and to achieve a flowing asana practice, but the benefits of doing Yoga postures will soon show and enlighten your life in every possible way.

“Do your practice – and all is coming” - Sri K. Pattabhi Jois


The teachers at Fine Yoga are professionally trained in providing a safe environment for your Yoga practice. Most teachers are bi- or trilingual and many have studied abroad.
All have years of experience and are graduates of the Fine Yoga School (Yoga Alliance & International Yoga Federation - I.Y.F registered) under guidance of Sherri Rao. Sherri Rao is the founder of Fine Yoga and the translator of the no. 1 bestseller book: Ashtanga Yoga by John Scott. She is a dedicated Ashtanga yogi herself, a direct student of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Sharath Rangaswamy, John Scott and many others of the worlds finest Yoga teachers. Every year she is going abroad to further study with her Masters and is thereby bridging the gap between the advanced teaching outside China and the developing Yoga community inside China. Sherri Rao’s mission is to humbly help spread the word and teachings of traditional and pure Yoga to the mainland Chinese people. Study and teaching is her joy - and that is the spirit of Fine Yoga teachers.


Fine Yoga has established itself as the Yoga school which every year invites most World renowned Yoga masters to come and share their knowledge and advanced teachings in mainland China.
Due to our profound and crystal clear translations and solid background in the hospitality industry we have gained a good reputation, which we are very proud of. We have managed, and continuously aim, to make every workshop a success for both students (from literally every corner of China) and visiting teacher. Among others regular hosts at Fine Yoga are: John Scott, Seane Corn, Louise Ellis, David Keil, Chuck Miller & Maty Ezraty. Please check workshops for dates.

International Yoga Federation
Yoga Alliance
Shri K. Pattabhi Jois Yoga Institute
John Scott's website
 The past teacher training

Backbending Foundation Workshop
28th Dec -29th - 2 days
Address:Fine Yoga CBD Studio
¥1100, Sign up one week before ¥1000

Oct 7 to Dec 7 2015.
Address:Fine Yoga BeiJing Studio
SIMON COSMELLI and ROSANGELA CASTELLARI. Will be Teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in Beijing FineYoga from Oct 7 to Dec 7 2015.

Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training (RPYT) with Jennifer More.
January 4th - 12nd ,2016
Address:Fine Yoga CBD Studio
¥7200,Sign up one month before ¥6600

Yoga for Women - Exploring Yoga from the Female Perspective
Jan 14th - 15th, 2016
Address:Fine Yoga CBD Studio
Full workshop 2 days:RMB 1350, sign up 30 days before RMB 1150

10 ways to increase your chances of having a Natural Birth
Jan 16th 2016
Address:Fine Yoga CBD Studio
RMB 675, sign up 30 days before RMB575

Jonas Westring Anusara Yoga 50hr of 100hr of immersion training B
March 29th 2016-April 5th 2016
Address:HuBei Retreat Center
¥5000, Sign up 30 days before ¥4500

Mark Robberds: Ashtanga Yoga Intensive in Beijing
April 30th – May 5th 2016 - 6 days
Address:Fine Yoga CBD Studio
RMB 4800 – sign up one month before RMB 4300

Anusara Yoga Teacher Training A by Jonas Westring
May 27th- June 3th, 2016-8 days
Address:HuBei Retreat Center
¥6000, Sign up 30 days before ¥5500

Anusara Yoga Teacher Training B by Jonas Westring
June 5th-12th,2016-8 days
Address:HuBei Retreat Center
¥6000, Sign up 30 days before ¥5500

Vincent Boletta Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training
June 24th – July 5th, 2016
Address:HuBei Retreat Center
¥9200, Sign up one month before ¥8700

It's Yoga Kids Teacher Training certification course by It's Yoga Kids founder Michelle Wing
July 3rd-6th, 2016
Address:Fine Yoga CBD Studio
¥4900, Sign up 30 days before is ¥4500

Michelle Wing Baby & Toddler& Teen Teacher training
July 7-9th 2016( suzhou ) July 15-17th(Beijing )
Address:Fine Yoga CBD Studio
Teen: RMB 1700, sign up 30 days before RMB 1500 Baby & Toddler: RMB 2500, sign up 30 days before RMB 2300

John Scott: Ashtanga Yoga Intensive
17th-21st Nov 2016 - 5 days
Address:Fine Yoga CBD Studio
RMB 5000 – sign up one month before RMB 4500 The class is full.

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